About us

Air Control System have on experience of 14 years. We have a branch office called Eco Air Control System in bangalore.We provide all good quality of materials such as aluminium,stainless steel,louvers and resonable prices.We did projects in kerala,karnataka,Andhra pradesh and Tamilnadu.Also we did government projects in Adoni marketyard and Chittoor marketyard in Andhra pradesh.

Our products are :

1.Aluminium air ventilator
2.Stainless steel air ventilator
3.Fiber glass rainforce plastic air ventilator and

Our projects :

3 Andhra pradesh

Our government projects :

1.Adoni Market In Andhra Pradesh
2.Chittoor Market In Andhra Pradesh
3.Food Corporation Of India In Kerala
4.Food Corporation Of India In Tamilnadu